Growing Tips for Herbs in Cold Climates

Herbs are often a common part of daily living. Herbs can be used for meals, beverages, natural remedies and health– among many other things. Growing your own herbs is a great idea because you can always have a fresh supply ready at all times. Growing herbs in cold climates can be very difficult, but there are growing tips for herbs that can be followed to successfully have a fresh supply of herbs around all year long.

Before planting herbs, you must first decide where the herb garden will be placed. Average herb gardens are approximately 20 feet by 4 feet. In order to successfully grow an herb garden, the right soil is vital. Herbs like to grow in well drained soil. If the soil doesn’t drain well, you can dig out about 15 inches of the soil and place crushed stones in the hole, and then replace the soil. This will allow the soil to drain adequately. This is extremely important to do in cold climates that receive a lot of snow in the winters. During Spring, when the snow begins to melt, the herbs can die if the soil doesn’t drain properly.

Growing Herbs in Cold Climates
Growing herbs in cold climates can be easier if you begin sowing the herbs in indoor containers. They can later be transplanted outside during spring or summer. If you decided to plant the herbs indoors in the winter, the container they will grow in needs to have holes in the bottom for proper drainage.

Winter can be a rough time for herbs, but with proper protection you can prevent damage to the plants. Spring thaws are extremely dangerous to herbs, but there are a few preventative steps that can be taken. The herbs can be surrounded with mulch consisting of oak leaves, straw and other mulch items to help protect the herb roots. The mulch should be applied to the herbs after the ground has already frozen in the winter. The mulch shouldn’t be removed until the herbs begin to re-grow in the spring. If the mulch is removed too early, the herbs can become permanently damaged.

To keep the herbs thriving, it’s important to prepare the soil as discussed earlier with the crushed rocks for proper drainage. By following these growing tips for herbs, you can successfully grow herbs throughout the winter, despite the harsh elements.